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Dr. Luis De La Calle presents his research on “Music Education Program”, based on his PhD degree in Educational Sciences awarded by the University of Geneva in Switzerland and his two masters degrees in Education and Educational Sciences awarded by Lund University in Sweden.

His research focuses particularly on the area of basic skills development for children and youth. He does this by focusing on how music education impacts on the cross-curricular learning of mathematics (e.g. three-digit multiplication), languages, social-emotional intelligence and creativity. The successful development of these skills is measured through, the performance of different instruments while singing in ensembles/bands composed by the student, where each composition includes lyrics in three-four different languages Additionally, maths skills were assessed through the ability to perform percussion instruments.

The theme song “Joy and Peace”, whose musical composition was performed by: Tara, Gabriel, Iban and Jasmine. Directed by Dr. Luis De La Calle.

This musical theme is the result of a teaching process that lasted 5 years.

Joy and Peace

by Tara, Gabriel, Iban and Jasmine | Producer and Artistic/Music Director: Dr. Luis De La Calle

The theme song “Ram Marries Sita”, composed by (Music & lyrics): Vivaan Majumdar Syam. Directed by Dr. Luis De La Calle.

This musical theme is the result of a teaching process that lasted 3 years.

Ram Marries Sita

by Composed by (Music & lyrics): Vivaan Majumdar Syam | Producer and Artistic/Music Director: Dr. Luis De La Calle

Dr. Luis De La Calle’s research is based on his life experiences of a multifaceted integration of ancient Eastern and modern Western cultures in the fields of music education, composition and singing/performance on different instruments. For the last thirty-five years, Dr. Luis De La Calle has been deeply involved in the mentioned music fields by living and studying in South America, Japan, India (based on oral traditions), and Europe under their topmost masters. He has successfully established original links between these oral traditions (based on observation, listening, and imitation) and the written traditions of western European music culture.

Through his life’s cross-cultural translation across these cultures, he has developed an innovative and accesible approach to anyone to teaching/learning processes for playing instruments and composing music/lyrics by expressing the student’s emotions based on the poems from Vedic scriptures.

Teaching my Swiss student

Dr. Luis De La Calle

World Peace Convention, 7th Swiss Congress on Science and Spiritual Quest, November 3, 2018

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Luis De La Calle “Rainbow of Endless Love”


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