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Dr. Luis De La Calle is a member of the Research Team on the Didactic of Arts and Movement (DAM) at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, a member of the International Council (CID) at UNESCO in Paris, France and a Sony Music Recording Artist, Japan (flautist and composer). Three decades of training artistically, intellectually and spiritually with great masters from India, Japan, Europe (Music Conservatories and Universities in Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland) and South America brings the aesthetics of his music to the soul of human nature and helps to solve, in peace and with beauty, the problems of today.

The United Nations has used its unique contributions to promote the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development goals as per the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in areas of critical importance for humanity and the planet. All his activities are part of an international network of high-level collaboration and commitment.

Dr. De La Calle’s musical background traverses many cultures, traditions and continents. From his roots as a child prodigy of the quena (Andean end-blown flute) and siku (Andean pan flute), through his studies with the Japanese Noh Theatre Master, Mr. Hideo Kanze, to his years studying Vedic philosophy and traditional Indian Music, Dr. De La Calle perfected his musical skills of these three ancient cultures through observation, listening and imitation. After five years of studies in Japan and seven years of study in India, he made a radical change to the study of the European transverse flute.

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Full documental about Dr. Luis De La Calle’s life broadcast by the Peruvian National TV

After living and studying in Peru, Japan and India for 27 years, Dr Luis De La Calle moved to Europe in 1999 and lived in Denmark for 14 years. He studied European transverse flute at the Copenhagen Pre-Conservatory of Music in Denmark. He was also awarded two masters degrees in music education and one bachelor degree by Lund University, Sweden for his soloist innovation on the De La Calle Quena Flute. Lund University recognized Dr De La Calle as the first individual in the history of music to earn a university degree based on his musical invention. Dr. De La Calle earned not one but two degrees, i.e. a bachelor’s degree in performance and a master’s degree in music education. The President of the Parliament of Peru, the Mayor of Lima and other mayors from the country, awarded Dr. De La Calle with medals and diplomas, due to his international achievements on the De La Calle Quena Flute, as a revolutionary multicultural musical instrument.

Among his most exalted researches, we have his latest book, which will be published by the University of Geneva: “Transmitting an ancient culture at risk of disappearance”. This text is an adaptation of his doctoral thesis in Educational Sciences, written for the same university. Likewise, this thesis is considered by the University of Geneva as the first research in the history of education, at the doctoral level, on the musical didactics of an ancient culture within a Western context.

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