De La Calle Quena Flute™

Many thousands years ago was the civilisation of Atlantis located were the Atlantic Ocean is situated today. Its people and its highly developed civilisation were advanced in all respects, and especially concerning knowledge of the spiritual way. They had the Quena and the trumpet not only as wind music instruments, but as well as instruments of antigravity forces. For some reasons this people and the whole civilisation of Atlantis went deep down in the sea because of a flooding catastrophe. Some very few of the Atlantis people, survived where today are to be found the Andes mountains, but they lost much of their spirituality. The remaining people from Atlantis were using the Quena to express lamentations caused by their separation from the divinity, and the spiritual way. That is the reason why the Quena in the Andes sounds, and transmits deep sadness of lamentation.


The De La Calle Quena Flute™ combines the body from a Boehm flute with a head joint designed as it is to be found on the classical Quena flute of the Incas in Peru. This “new” flute has a larger register than the original Quena in the low register, adding the notes F#1, F1, E1, Eb1, D1, Db1, C1, and even low b if the flute has a b-foot joint. This construction makes it possible to keep a rather original Quena sound. Due to the key mechanism of the Boehm flute its possible to use chromatic patterns in any tempo, and with a good intonation.

The De La Calle Quena Flute™ has striking similarities with the sound and articulation of the Quena, which creates vast possibilities concerning tonal colours. The idea to combine a Quena’s head joint with a Boehm flute is the realisation of the search for a fusion of ethnic world music with Blues and jazz improvisation, and as well integrating elements of contemporary extended techniques for the flute.


The De La Calle Quena Flute™ by Moises Matos/Thing, is a great flute innovation that makes me even more stimulated and attracted to Peruvian music, which I was always a big fan of. The De La Calle Quena Flute™ covers styles and sonorities creating the Boehm flute into a new instrument with a new sound, full of renovated energy. I would like to invite every flutist in the world to this magnificent experience and to be part of the De La Calle Quena Flute™ family.

Orlando Valle “ Maraca” Cuba/France


The De La Calle Quena Flute™ head joint made by Moises Matos is an extremely versatile “super” Quena. It’s one of the most powerful, useful, & refreshing flute components to come in long time. It is the “brain-child” of Luis De La Calle Aramburu, a Peruvian flautist. I use it professionally in many different situations, from live performances to recordings, and it is one of the most powerful tools in my collection. Now it can become part of yours as well!

Pedro Eustache, Multi directional flute wood wind reeds soloist, Venezuela/USA